Important Notice

Most chalets on this estate have only approx 11-13 years remaining on their leases before reverting back to the landlord. It is not a formality for us to extend the length of these leases and the current cost to do so is in the region of £19,241.93 plus our costs (approx £ 906.00). Please be aware of this when negotiating any private sale on the estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ below and information pack to see if you meet the criteria involved in purchasing a chalet on our park before viewing the list of chalets for sale.

No. The chalet is owned by Marconi Holiday Villages Ltd but you can use it for as long as the lease permits as long as the tenant abides by the terms of the lease.

As the lease will have expired the chalet automatically reverts back to the landlord at no cost.

Chalets at Lavernock Point can only be used for holiday purposes. This is because the planning authority restricted the park to holiday use when planning permission was granted. This means the chalet may not be someone’s main residence. That is why we ask you about your main residence and will continue to do so while you own the chalet.

Absolutely not. You must have a permanent residential address elsewhere to be on holiday from.

The standard dictionary definition of "holiday" is "an extended period of recreation, away from a person’s home; a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done". There is no maximum or minimum duration for a holiday and no limitation on how frequently you may use the chalet for holiday purposes. The point is that you must be on holiday from your main residential address elsewhere.

Having a job in the locality would be taken as strongly indicating the chalet is someone’s main residence.

Of course people get ill on holiday and will use the local doctor in case of emergency. But someone with a main residence elsewhere should not normally need to register with a doctor for holiday periods unless they have particular health requirements.

Yes but the Council would look at all the facts to decide whether the overseas property or the chalet is your main residence based on a number of factors. These would include whether you own the overseas property or, if it is rented then how long you have rented it for, how much time you spend in the chalet and how much in the overseas property.

Definitely not. This would be inconsistent with holiday use. It would also be a breach of your lease.

No because children go to schools near their main residence not their holiday home so it would be a strong indication that the chalet was not being used for holiday purposes.

No it does not. You can still only use your chalet if you have a sole or main residence elsewhere which you are on holiday from.

Yes. The park is open from 1 March to 31 December each year and the chalets may not be used at all outside this period.

No you are NOT allowed to sub-let your chalet. The office does provide a letting scheme for holiday lets and provided all our own letting units have been reserved, we will then try to find a suitble tenant for a privately owned chalet provided the chalet meets our "minimum standards" criteria and at the price advertised by this company at that time. Whilst you are not permitted to sub-let on a commercial basis, there is a limited right to allow one, immediate family member to use the chalet for up to 4 weeks (12 weeks in aggregate in any calendar year). Please note however that whether you are using the chalet yourself or whether a member of your family is using it under this clause, it can only be used for holiday or recreational purposes and must never be used as an only or main residence.

No. If a member of your family or a friend (or indeed anyone else) were to occupy the chalet during periods when you yourself were not in occupation then they would fall under clause 16(c) and the restrictions in that clause must be complied with. You would therefore be in breach of your lease if you were to buy a chalet in your name and let a family member use it other than in accordance with clause 16(c).

You should look at the planning permission records and caravan site licence which are available for inspection free of charge on the council’s website.

No. We do not allow this because if post were routinely delivered to you at the park that might tend to suggest that you are living there.

Yes provided it is kept under proper control at all times.

Yes, the park will not take out any insurance on your chalet and you are required by your lease to comprehensively insure against fire and all the usual risks through our agent (currently Jardines).

As soon as your main residence has been sold and not replaced with another main residence, you will be in breach of planning regulations and your licence agreement and contravening the terms of our site licence.

You are required by your lease to comply with the holiday restriction and the holiday only condition on the planning permission. If you were to breach your lease by using the chalet other than for holidays or allowing someone else to do so, we would ask you to stop doing so. If you were to fail to comply with our request, we would be entitled to forfeit your lease and take your chalet back. The planning authority might also take action against the breach of the holiday condition by serving an enforcement notice.